Just wondering


When I was just out of college I wanted to be a working woman and disliked to be at home mom or a housewife. Now I am just that what I disliked;  whether out of laziness or necessity that’s a different matter. Does that mean I’ve become a nonentity or a useless person.

Should all ladies come hail or fire continue working despite all problems.

Because problems after a while are all solved and everybody forgets why you had to leave the job even your husband and then start the  self doubts and unseen SCARS on your heart caused by barbs of your supposed loved ones where you are asked what you have contributed to this family and the house, Is staying at home and taking care of family so useless Then why a women who works and earns as much as her husband or more considered a failure when her house is unkempt, the elderly not taken care of and children run wild.

Why a woman only has to bear the scars of failure or has God failed somewhere as he didn’t give the superpowers to women

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